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Magi book

magi book

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White 's The Once and Future King , [5] Gaiman created an everyman character of a twelve-year-old boy called Timothy Hunter , who would need to be given an extensive tour of the DC magical universe before being able to decide if he should embrace or reject his destiny as the world's greatest magician.

Gaiman used the four issues to formally split the structure of the story, and allow for a different artist to draw each issue:.

This structure allowed Gaiman great scope to include various magical characters from across DC's ranges, as well as reintroducing characters that weren't currently in print.

In his introduction to the collected edition, author Roger Zelazny also noted that the structure bore some similarity to the key story points of the mythic structure identified by Joseph Campbell 's The Hero with a Thousand Faces - although he did allow that this might come from Gaiman's intimate knowledge of the same source material rather than a deliberate attempt to follow Campbell's guidelines.

Tim Hunter made the ultimate choice to pursue magic in the Mister E miniseries by K. Jeter when he was forced to use magic to prevent Mister E from killing him.

Berger struggled to find a writer suitable for the project, however, with writers like Dick Foreman struggling to handle the character of Tim.

Berger eventually approached John Ney Rieber after having seen some of his work, convinced that he would be able to meet the challenge of developing Tim into a fully rounded character.

Rieber was asked to come up with a story outline for the proposed series, but these were rejected by Berger and DC. Still convinced that Rieber was the writer for the job, however, Berger asked him to persevere: At one point, Rieber himself tried to withdraw from the project, but Berger was still convinced that he could do it, and when the Vertigo The Children's Crusade event was being planned, she asked him to write one of the chapters to reintroduce Tim to the DC universe.

It introduced several characters created by Rieber that would be developed in the later ongoing series, such as Tim's biological father Tamlin, as well as starting off some of the ongoing book's storylines.

The annual saw Neil Gaiman's first credit as "creative consultant" for The Books of Magic , a position which DC Comics paid him to carry out despite the fact that even when he did make comments on the script, he was told that it was too late for anything to be changed.

By the time the series launched, the name had returned to The Books of Magic and a regular rotating team of artists Gross, Gary Amaro and Peter Snejbjerg was put in place to provide artwork for alternating storylines.

Of course he gets on my nerves. He's a lot like someone I spent years learning not to be". With Rieber leaving, the series editor Stuart Moore championed Gross to take over scripting duties because "I knew he could do it.

He's got a great sense of story and character". Gross was then asked if he could expand his ideas into an actual story, and plotted a six issue story that he thought might be used as a "filler" until a new writer could be found.

This soon expanded into plots for Gross' entire 25 issue run, [9] despite Gross initially being nervous that his writing efforts would be unfavorably compared to those of Gaiman and Rieber by the series' fans.

As well as writing, Gross continued to provide artwork for the book, juggling this with a separate career teaching a class in Comic Illustration at Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

From the beginning of Gross' run, there were tentative plans for the comic to rest after it reached its 75th issue.

Such a break would be used to allow the character of Tim Hunter to grow up a little before resuming his story - Gross had ideas for this later run to explore the character's relationship with the women in his life, through his relationship with his late mother.

It was also announced that the new mini-series would be followed by an unnamed new ongoing monthly series, [14] which was eventually announced as Hunter: The Age of Magic.

The original mini-series concentrated on Timothy Hunter's introduction to the world of magic by the Trenchcoat Brigade the Phantom Stranger , Doctor Occult , Mister E , and John Constantine , who are aware that the boy has the potential to be the world's greatest magician, but that his allegiance to good or evil is undecided.

Equally, he could turn from the world of magic completely and be lost to either side. The Trenchcoat Brigade see it as their duty to resolve the uncertainty around Tim's fate one way or another.

They take him from the birth of the universe all the way through to its eventual death, ostensibly teaching him about the possibilities - and the price - of wielding magic before he decides whether to embrace his destiny.

Following his misadventures, Tim decides that the price is too high As John Ney Rieber began the ongoing series, he used the stories to focus on telling Tim's story: However, this story was merely the backdrop to a more personal story for Tim, as he discovered that the Falconer Tamlin who kidnapped Tim during the events of the Arcana: Bindings also brings Tim into conflict with a Manticore , who attempts to convince Tim of the non-existence of magic before hunting and killing him.

Tim revives and releases a unicorn that has been similarly hunted, and destroys the Manticore - but not before he is poisoned by it. The boy nearly dies, until his father Tamlin performs a magic ritual which allows him to die in Tim's place.

The boy recovers and returns to Earth with Titania's curses in his ears, having to come to terms with the revelation that the people he thought of as his parents - a mother who died in a car crash caused by his one-armed, grieving father - might be no relation to him at all.

Partly the Faerie storyline in Bindings was written to appease DC's desire for a "big" story to launch the new series with: Rieber's original starting point was to be the Summonings storyline instead, [6] introducing Tim's first girlfriend Molly O'Reilly and demonstrating the writer's desire that the stories should be about "a realm that has never been mapped by the Royal Geographic Society and never will be.

People who've lost touch with the place call it 'Adolescence'". Rieber's run also contained several stories about the need to stay connected with the world that you live in.

Several of his characters, including Tim, seek to avoid their problems in the real world by escaping into fantasy, but Rieber later explained "Wishing never solves anything in the Books.

At best, it gets you into trouble. About the only thing you can do in the Books that's more dangerous than wishing is surrendering to fantasies that others have constructed.

Sir Timothy is under the mistaken impression that he is Barbatos' master and that he lives in grand luxury, when in truth Barbatos is manipulating him for his own ends and Sir Timothy lives in a cardboard box in a back alley.

Sir Timothy and Barbatos return to Tim's time from because Tim is the last boy in the multiverse who could possibly grow up to be Sir Timothy, and they intend to ensure that he does.

However, their plans are thwarted without Tim even being aware of them, as he has a guardian angel called Araquel.

Unfortunately, Araquel is chained between Heaven and Hell for having had a daughter called Nikki with Khara. Khara defeats Sir Timothy on Tim's behalf.

The intervention doesn't mean that Tim is safe, however, as he has come to the attention of the last member of the Cult of the Cold Flame, a magician called Martyn.

Martyn attempts to seduce Tim into becoming his servant using a succubus called Leah, using magic to make Tim's father spontaneously combust so that the boy is alone and vulnerable.

Tim is saved once from Leah by the arrival of Molly, as the succubus is touched by the genuine love between the two Tim's salvation from Martyn comes in an unlikely form when Sir Timothy and Barbatos kill the magician to protect their own interests in the boy.

This leaves Leah without a master, a position that she attempts to make Tim fill before the young magician proves his worth by setting her free.

She leaves England to see where her new freedom - and Martyn's car - will take her. The next story arc followed on almost directly from the Arcana Annual , bringing back two of the children of Free Country: Daniel, the chimney sweep, and Marya, the girl who was sent to bring Tim to Free Country but decided to stay in the real world after she did.

Marya has become friends with Molly, and gets invited on her and Tim's first date - but panics Tim when she tells Molly that her boyfriend is a magician, causing him to accidentally freeze them both with magic.

He eventually manages to unfreeze them again, but fall prey to a monster of black, choking soot. The monster is Daniel, expelled from Free Country and transformed by the Victorian era cyborg the Reverend Slagingham.

Slagingham is collecting an army of down-and-outs, capturing their souls in magical contraptions: The Reverend falls foul to Tim thanks to the intervention of one of his childhood imaginary friends made real, Awn the Blink, who has an amazing knack for fixing broken things.

Daniel, meanwhile, gives up his attack when Marya rejects his affections. All that remains is for Tim to help return Auberon's soul to his body and return him, changed by his experiences, to his wife's side.

For his trouble, Auberon tells Tim that Titania cannot possibly be his mother, since the boy has "not a drop" of Faerie blood in him.

Gwendolyn decides to stay and look after Tim while his father makes a miraculous recovery at the hands of the strange Mister Vasuki, eventually returning home after sharing a taxi with a young mother and her son Cyril.

Tim learns that he is an "Opener" and has unconsciously been making his fantasies real all his life—whether they be simple imaginary friends or entire worlds—Tim introduces Molly to some more of his imaginary friends made real, Tanger and Crimple, who live in a tree on some wasteland near Tim's house.

The wasteland opens out into an entire magical world created unconsciously by Tim's childhood fantasies, but unfortunately as Molly is exploring it with Crimple she ends up being kidnapped and taken to Hell.

Tanger and Tim head into Hell to rescue Molly and Crimple, who are being held by the strict governess Miss Vuall - the trainer of the multiple Mollies who are Sir Timothy Hunter's docile and dutiful companions.

Sir Timothy, however, no longer needs the girls, as he has succeeded in releasing himself from Barbatos' control - only to be persuaded by a gang of dragons to become one of them because of his sadness and self-hatred.

Molly and Crimple best Miss Vuall, and as Tim arrives the two children's love puts the finishing touches to her corner of Hell.

However, Barbatos drags the children and the dragon Sir Timothy into another layer of Hell, where he attempts to salvage victory from defeat by trapping the two children in a fairy tale world where brave knights kill dragons.

Meeting the real Molly again, Sir Timothy is overcome with guilt and tells her his life story in the hope that she can prevent her Tim from becoming him.

Tim, meanwhile, manages to see through all of Barbatos' attempts to trick him, and eventually brings the fairy tale world crashing down around their ears.

Sir Timothy dies protecting Molly from the destruction unleashed by Tim, and the two children are reunited. As they return home, they leave Barbatos trapped in the ruins of the world he created, [18] although he does briefly escape again.

Following Molly and Tim's disappearance, both find themselves grounded and banned from seeing each other.

Molly manages to sneak out and ends up around a camp-fire discussing Tim with Marya and a mysterious tattooist who says she wants to help.

The tattooist demonstrates her experience of both men and magic when Marya is again threatened by the arrival of Daniel: Molly tells her companions about Sir Timothy Hunter, unaware that Tim has transformed himself into a cat and is listening in.

The tattooist is aware, however: She has to change her plan when she is shocked to discover that Tim has no "inner animal" and that he is just a normal, healthy teenage boy.

Instead, she offers to give him a tattoo that will stop him from ever hurting Molly: Soon after, Gwen decides it is time to move on when Tim's father begins a tentative relationship with Holly, the woman from the taxi.

Almost immediately, Holly's son Cyril becomes a target of a demon's malign interest, and rescuing him helps Tim to decide that his presence is putting those he loves at risk.

Molly, meanwhile, has been sent to visit her grandmother, a formidable old woman with a touch of second sight. Whilst up on Leanen Hill at her grandmother's suggestion, Molly learns that Tim has run away and resolves to find him again.

She attempts to attract a fairy in the hope that they will grant her wish, but when she succeeds in drawing the Amadan to her, she accidentally challenges him to a contest to see who is the greatest fool.

Knowing something of the Fair Folk from her grandmother, Molly knows that if she eats Faerie food she will never be able to return home: Instead, she attempts to grow her own real food, her efforts attracting the attention of the Faeries, and her stubbornness attracting the ire of Titania: The trick backfires, though, as Molly's anger transforms her into "the burning girl", who cuts a swathe of destruction across Faerie with a horse named Prince.

Tim, meanwhile, is living rough on the streets when he is taken in by a homeless magician who knew his father. The magician provides the proper environment for Tim to let his tattoo come alive and leave him: Tim is about to accept the moth back onto his heart when the magician distracts him, but the tattoo still manages to return to his arm.

Following his experience, Tim decides that what he needs is a mentor to teach him about magic and sets off for America to find Zatanna. At Los Angeles airport, he meets the succubus Leah who has moved to the city to become a model.

She convinces Tim to travel with her, and accompanies him out into the desert on a camping trip. In the night, Leah disguises herself as Molly and tries to sleep with Tim: Tim kisses Leah, and the two continue where they left off.

In the morning, however, the two become trapped in the world of a dying mermaid and Leah has to take the mermaid's place to save Tim. Tim wakes in the real world and continues on his journey without a second thought for the succubus.

Tim continues his travels across America, until he somehow ends up trapped on an island on the outskirts of Faerie. He manages to escape the island with the help of Huon the Small, the first King of Faerie.

Huon and Tim travel into the heart of Faerie. Molly and Prince have been joined by Titania's otherwise loyal flitling Yarrow, and have decimated the kingdom.

Worse, Molly manages to unenchant Prince to reveal that he is in fact Titania's son and the heir to the throne: Prince has spent most of his life in Hell, given to the lords there in payment of a tithe originally agreed by Huon.

In truth, Faerie is not a kingdom of its own, but part of Hell that Lucifer offered to the Fair Folk when they first left the Mundane World.

Lucifer's will and belief created the realm. In revealing Prince's true nature - which Titania had attempted to hide to stop the Lords of Hell discovering that he had escaped home - Molly brings the armies of Hell to Faerie, demanding reparation or battle.

In the midst of all this, the fair folk have lost their own will, belief and reason for being in the Fairie. Without such belief, the realm and all who are in it start becoming undone by something known as "the Leveler".

Battle is temporarily averted when the Lords of Hell learn of the Leveller's presence and seek to escape.

The flitling Yarrow saves Fairie: There is much celebration and as Tim and Molly are reunited, Titania tempers her curse as best she can: Molly's feet will no longer touch the ground and she will always have Faerie food to eat, so she can return to the mundane world with Tim.

Returning to Tim doesn't make Molly as happy as she hoped: His obsession with magic causes Tim to ignore everything else, including Molly's growing sadness and even the fact that her feet don't touch the floor.

Zatanna tries to teach Tim to open his eyes, but in the end has no choice but to help Molly. As Molly learns of Tim's night with Leah - sad that he didn't think enough of her to tell her the truth - she breaks up with him, using a charm given to her by Zatanna to return home to her family.

At first, she berates him for his inability to connect to the real world - until she spots his moth tattoo and realizes that it is preventing him from being able to connect so that he never has anyone close to him to get hurt.

She encourages him to "open" himself and let the world in, which removes the tattoo and eventually leads Tim to decide that his magic belongs to the world and not him.

He releases it into the universe and resolves that he will have nothing more to do with it. Although Tim thinks he is finished with magic, magic is not finished with him.

Returning home with the fallen angel Araquel — who had previously been tricked in to breaking his chains by Barbatos — Tim finds that the armies of Heaven and Hell are fighting each other to a standstill in the mortal world.

The prize they are fighting for is the magic that Tim released into the world, which would give them the power to recreate the world to their own design.

Tim's family find themselves caught in the crossfire of the battle when his father's wedding to Holly is interrupted by the groom transforming into a ravenous beast with a taste for angel-flesh.

It transpires that Mister Vasuki, the surgeon who miraculously restored Mr Hunter to health after the fire, is in truth a demon hoping to force Tim to work for him.

In retaliation, two angels elevate Tim's soon-to-be stepbrother Cyril to sainthood, and provide him with a foursome of living action-figures with dangerous powers.

Araquel becomes their victim, turned into chocolate and smashed to pieces on the ground. Tim uses Awn the Blink and Reverend Slaggingham to trap all the angels and demons.

In his anger, Tim throws an ice-cream at the leader of the angelic forces And remember you never touch the note book after the third person has written his number!

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